• To establish & conduct, manage, maintain temples.
• To promote old age, child care, educational, cultural & social development of poor & weaker section of the society.
• To establish, conduct & manage circulating laboratories, collection of books, historical data & records for benefits of students.
• To establish & manage fund for scholarships to weaker and needy students & prized/awards to meritorious student ensure establishment of higher sense of competitiveness among the students.
• To award scholarship, stipends ,awards , medical aid and other
Concessions to pupils and deserving men and women who study in school conducted by the society and also to provide books to deserved student and scholars.
• To encourage men’s, women’s, children’s to be financially self-sustainable by teaching them income generation skills.
• To celebrate festivals cultural and social celebrations from time to time.
• The trust shall organize lectures, discussions, debates, seminars, reading of papers and group studies on diverse topics and subjects.