Through the members of the institution, the aim towards developing the society some programs has been designed.The institution has designed the programs in II divisions and III parts.

I division:- The institution through its members in Maharashtra has asked some piece of land from its well-wishers. On this piece of land a big hall will be constructed for the villagers of that particular place on which premedical treatment center and a Pre-Medical center will be established. Eminent doctors will visit and provide medical assistance not only this distribution of free medicines will also be part of this programs. The entire cost such as salary and expenditure of this medical center will be borne by the institution.

II division:- The institution has decided to work on an important task in IT sector. This center of the IT sector will be Pune in Maharashtra. The office is being setup in Pune whose maintenance and operation are on the shoulder of eminent and professionalized IT engineers. This centers is working for the betterment of farmers and Armed forces of our country.

This objective will be resulted after the approval by the Government Of India which will be a step toward progress which when materialized will be never ending as the Universe.

The above said two division of determined programs will start working towards the visualized progress, then the institution will step into its last part of established program which will inspire the members of the institution.In context to this program some explanation is mention below:-

Institution believes into the thought that Our villages are the backbone of our country, villages are our roots which gives us wings to fly in cities. It is the moral duty of people living in cities to provide co-operation in order to solve and acknowledge the problems faced by villagers.

As we become indifferent towards the service of parents our existence becomes of no value in the eye of nature. Similarly when we become indifferent towards the service of development of our villages it also becomes of no value in the eye of our country. This is the matter of discussion and debate in itself, and requests us to think for one night and to question ourselves the reason for our birth.

Once the results of these II divisions is obtained the institution will then step into achieve an objective for a massive society in the field of education. Seeking the blessings of goddess Saraswati institution then will establish Saraswati Vidyalaya with the help of armed forces and farmers. This Vidyalaya will be an inspiration and will set up trend to achieve a new formula based on values and ethics to serve our villages people and country.

This Vidyalaya will incorporate those under privileged intelligent student and provide them education residential hostel facilities and other amenities free of cost. Saraswati Vidyalaya will have students from Std. IV to Std. XII with a strength of 25 students in each class without any division in that particular standard. In course of time 225 students will be incorporated under this Saraswati Vidyalaya. This infrastructure will be divided in 2 parts i.e. for boys and for girls.

In future institution visualizes Saraswati Vidyalaya residential hostel and playground on an area of about 100-500 acres. This will be a strong foundation for under privileged intelligent students for both boys and girls. Saraswati Vidyalaya will produce 550 students (boys and girls section) every academic year. Out of which 50 students (both Boys and Girls) will receive higher education.

After some time every year 50 students(both Boys and Girls) will be produced for serving the society. This will be a foundation of new society based on hard work and principles. When the members of institution will reach to this particular level then we will think that we have served our country.

In order to achieve the above said objectives the institution will take help of talented personalities who are willing to serve the country but fail to give time. Our dedicated members will reach out to those personalities to share their experiences, knowledge, thought and visions that it will be help to our institution. This treasure of knowledge will never end as mention in our Veda.

The member of our Institution are aware that to achieve this objective of social welfare is very difficult, extreme efforts are required but sincere efforts have been put by great scholars of the era.We are not great personalities but are thinkers and seekers of blessings of great personalities if we imbibe qualities and discipline of Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Savitribhai Phule and other social reformers it will not be difficult to achieve the goals of our institution. The path of success will automatically open up.

” Unless we understand the difference between charity and remuneration we will not understand the knowledge of our duties”.

” Our institution is not dependable on charity it is working on thoughts, so don’t be afraid to get associated with us. You will join us to give inspiration and help us achieve our objectives”.